When taking care of a tree, a lot of commercial properties seem to do common tree care mistakes. This isn’t only about trees in public property or commercial land. However, it can also occur in residential areas. The issue can happen regularly on commercial establishments since individuals do not plant trees with the right planning and do not care a lot about it.

Today, it appears like new commercial properties are getting constructed and they simply plant several trees assuming that they will thrive on their own. A lot of owners or individuals plant trees and forget about proper tree maintenance.

Here are several tree maintenance errors that can be done while planting a tree on a commercial land:

Poor Trimming

Tree trimming can offer a lot of benefits to the tree. However, it can cause permanent breakdown and a lot of damage to the tree if it is done at the wrong time or if it is poorly done. Cuts that are made incorrectly can lead to a deadwood.


Green grass is the sign of freshness in the dry and hot days. However, under and even over-irrigation can damage the tree a lot. Too much or less of water can lead to lowered photosynthesis. This will restrict the capability of the tree to grow and thrive.

Planted Deeply or Shallowly

The tree roots get under the soil where there is enough warmth, water, and oxygen. It can influence the growth of the tree as well as how fast the tree will grow if you bury it too deep under the soil. Also, you can have girdling roots. This might enclose the limited movement of water in the trunk as well as nutrients to the tree.

Damage from the Surroundings

If the tree is planted near the building, the commercial property owner should hire a tree service company to come and trim the tree. If they don’t, the tree will continue to grow bigger and it might damage the nearby buildings. In addition to that, the roots of the tree might damage the base of the building. That is why it is best to plant a tree a couple of feet away from the building.

Too Much Mulch

Almost every single time, commercial properties will pile a lot of mulch all over the base as well as the trunk of the tree. To help conserve water and regulate the temperature of the tree, only 4 up to 5 inches of mulch is required. A lot of people believe that it will be better if there is a lot of mulch. However, that is not the case.

These kinds of tree care and other less-often problems can be prevented with the use of an expert tree service company. The expertise and knowledge of a tree service company can improve the appeal and look of the tree on any commercial establishment, whether the goal is to present an appealing image to the guests, retain existing occupants, attract new customers, or improve traffic onsite.